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Astrology and our history!

By Silent One

Astrology has been with us since our earliest known history. The concept of astrology, which is that life is affected by the heavens, is rooted in mankind’s desire to understand the universe. New life in the spring and decline in autumn are clearly related to the positioning of the sun, so it would be conceivable that other heavenly bodies had their influence on us as well.

Many of the planets are visible to the naked eye. Stars form patterns that move about the sky in a regular formation. Back in the beginning of time, early men would watch the heavenly bodies in their movements and speculate at what it might all mean, and so began the study of astrology!

There are different ways that astrology is believed to affect us. It is thought that the twelve signs of the Zodiac are tied to twelve different parts of the body, and treatment for medical problem can therefore be aided through the knowledge of astronomy. One of the most widely held beliefs in astronomy is that the position of the stars at the time of a child’s birth will influence the child’s life. Fortune or misfortune, wealth or poverty, are linked to the stars the person is born under.

We live in a modern age, when few people are troubled by superstitions, and while they may or may not believe in astrology, the average person knows their “sign”. People check their daily horoscope in the newspaper, keeping astrology a regular influence in their life.

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