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Fireplace Safety

By Kim Filler

When purchasing a fireplace for your home you must consider every hazard associated, so you can take all necessary measures in preventing fires or fire related injuries. Keep in mind the precautions listed below in order to decrease the odds of any fire related problems in your home:


Never burn charcoal or use a hibachi in your fireplace because they both produce deadly carbon monoxide.
Never close the flue while a fire is still burning. Carbon monoxide could build up and cause danger to those in the home.
Never use gasoline, lighter fluid or kerosene to start a fire. The best choice for starting a fire is using long-stemmed matches.
Never leave a fire unattended.


Always protect yourself and your family from fire-related injuries by enclosing the fireplace opening with a glass door or a screen.
Always have your fireplace checked by a professional at least once year.
Always make sure flammable items such as newspapers or magazines are away from the fire.
Always teach children to stay away from fireplaces.
Always have a fire extinguisher on hand.
Always make sure there is at least one working smoke detector on every level of your home.

Studies show that in 2003 someone died in a fire related accident about every 2 hours and someone was injured, due to fire, every 29 minutes. Fire safety is very important and should be taught to children at a very young age. The following is a list of fire safety tips which you should teach your children when they are very little:

1. Stop, Drop and Roll If you have not taught this to your children, you need to do it now. A child needs to know the best way to react if they happen to catch on fire. They must stop what they are doing right away, drop to the ground and then roll until the flames have been smothered out. If there is only one thing you teach your children about fires, let this be it.

2. Know the Emergency Numbers If a fire was to break out in your house, would your children know who to call? Always teach your children to know the number for the fire department. Furthermore, have the number either on speed dial or on a piece of paper near the phone. The number to call throughout the US is 911.

3. Using A Fire Extinguisher Quickly give your children the 101 on how to use a fire extinguisher. This could ultimately save your life as well as the lives or your children.

About the author:
Kim Filler is a contributing editor for a site that offers information on everything fireplaces with information on everything from kinds of gas fireplaces to manufacturers of fireplaces like Lennox' target='_blank' class='navigation'>">LennoxHearth Products and more.

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