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Hobo Purses - Fashion is Now Comfortable!

By Tanya Turner

Isn't it great, when what is currently in fashion is also comfortable and practical? Totes and hobo purses are this year's favorites. Find out how to select the best one for you.

A tote is an open-top bag that has straps or handles; you can wear it over your shoulder or carry in your hand. A hobo bag is a crescent-shaped bag that hangs from your shoulder. Both are large, so you can fit a lot of stuff in them.

You can get totes and hobo bags in just about any color. Bright-colored handbags are hot this year, but bear in mind that, if you have a large, brightly colored bag, it will attract attention. What I mean is that you don't want your bag to overpower your outfit or face. However, if you wear a plain outfit in a classic color, like black, grey or white, you can brighten it up with a green or orange purse.

The most popular materials are luxurious leather, leatherette, canvas, linen, tapestry and straw. Combinations of leather and fabric also look very stylish, but are more affordable than leather.

Hobo bags and totes also come with beautiful prints on them; totes that feature celebrities are particularly popular, just now. Animal lovers can get totes that have adorable pictures of pups or kittens on them. You can even order a custom made tote with a photo of your own pet - all you need is to provide a photo of reasonable quality.

Most of us think of a tote as a casual bag for shopping, but you can also get elegant, stylish varieties. If it is leather, suede, or a leather-fabric combination, a tote can be a good companion for a work outfit.

Most hobo bags are not expensive. If you do a little bit of comparison shopping online, you will find fabric and leather-like bags for under 50 dollars, and quality leather for under a hundred. That is, of course, for non-designer bags - but they are of good quality, all the same. If you are after Gucci, Fendi or Prada totes and hobo purses, though, expect to pay a few hundred dollars.

About the author:
Tanya Turner is a fashion expert and a founder of, where you can find fashion advice and tips about purses and handbags

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