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How to Jazz up a Bikini

By Vanessa Lausch

Anyone who has been on the fashion scene for even a small amount of time knows that the bikini has undergone an enormous amount of transformations in its 60-year history. The bikini began in 1947 as “smaller than the smallest swimsuit in history” (as it was subtly advertised through skywriting). While the original bikini was certainly smaller than the traditional maillot-style swimsuits that were popular in the 1940s, fashion designers have certainly taken the term “small” to heart in the last six decades.

Such designers have worked endless innovations on the traditional triangle top and full bottoms that originally defined the bikini. For example, the thong bikini has been miniaturized to such an extent that it is a wonder there is any fabric left at all. While the introduction of the tankini to the swimsuit fashion scene briefly refreshed and revitalized the world of the bikini, even this new type of bikini may soon begin its entry to the graveyard of retired swimsuit styles.

Given the explosive nature of the bikini’s birth into the fashion world, is it now doomed to enter its golden years quietly and without pizzazz? For fans of unique swimwear everywhere, the answer to this question is a definite and resounding no. While there are only so many innovations to be taken with style and cut (before there is no fabric left to work with), the sky is the limit for what can be done to enliven the current bikini with accessories and extra garnishes. Below you can find a brief list of some of the best ideas for jazzing up tired bikini style.

Belted Bikini: Reminiscent of James Bond beauties, the belted bikini has a sense of retro sexuality that is undeniable. From international model and actress Ursula Andress’s first debut of the belted bikini in Dr. No to Halle Berry’s replication of the style in Die Another Day, the belted bikini has retained a connotation of incredible sexiness and style. New belted bikinis for the upcoming summer season indulge a sportier look on the traditional belted style. In addition, scarf belted bikinis are hot for the summer season and fresh off the Italian runways. Regardless of the person wearing the belted bikini or the implied connotation, a fun or sexy belt on the hips of a bikini bottom definitely jazzes up tired bikini style.

Ruched Tankini: Despite being on the market for three or four years, the tankini is still one of the newest innovations to hit the swimsuit scene and has quite a bit of potential for jazzing up bikini style. One of the newest and best ways to wear a tankini is to invest in a ruched tankini top. The ruching will allow for alternate lengths on the tankini top (a must for women with either long or short torsos), as well as add a unique style factor to a traditional tankini top. Ruching also helps to slim the overall appearance of the body by defining the waist.

Bedazzled Bikini: One of the most exciting trends of the latest summer season (and in past seasons) is a bedazzled bikini. Fashion designers have added all kinds of glitter, jewels, and other fancy extras to bikinis to spice up the old bikini style. Feel free to pair a bedazzled bikini with some jeweled flip-flops to really add fun, eye-catching extras to your swimwear style. A bedazzled bikini not only jazzes up tired bikini fashion, it also allows you to sparkle on the beach or at the pool with flair.

Tie-front bikini: Any extra details added to the bust portion of a bikini top are generally recommended. The bust is one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body, and drawing attention toward the bust has the added benefit of drawing attention away from less desirable body characteristics (like the hips or thighs). With that said, a tie-front on a bikini top definitely adds a level of fun and excitement to bikini style. Besides adding a level of sexy flair to a traditional bikini top, a tie-front also allows small-busted women to lift and shape their breasts to increase the perceived size of the bust.

With all of these fun, new innovations in bikini fashion, there is simply no reason for the bikini to retire into the swimsuit hall of fame just yet. With a little bit of style and some added extras, you can turn your tired bikini into a unique, eye-catching swimsuit creation.

About the author:
Vanessa Lausch is a writer and fashion editor for More Swimsuits, an online retail site with plenty of swimsuit styles and information. Check out your newest swimsuit or bikini.

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