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Those Four Little Words, “You Need Reading Glasses”

By Beverly Marshall

It may not be as sure as death and taxes, but most of us aging baby boomers will be hearing those four little words, “you need reading glasses” from your eye care physician. What has happened to your perfect vision? Even if you were used to wearing glasses, it still can happen. This natural loss of vision making it difficult to read is called presbyopia. It may be time for bifocals if you already have a vision problem, but what if you have never worn glasses and all of a sudden you find yourself with arms too short? Reading glasses are the solution for you. You may have seen some in the drug stores, you know, those funny little glasses hanging next to the counter. They have different magnifications or plus powers that allow your eye to see close up again. If you are new to the eyeglasses world, you might want to be careful the first time you put them on. They can make you a little dizzy because most of the world out there will be blurry. They are just as the name implies; glasses for reading. Some people have problems walking and definitely don’t drive in them. You should also know that reading glasses characteristically focus in on a specific thing. When you look at a paper in front of you, you won’t be able to see clearly twelve to sixteen inches from the paper. This can also be tricky to adjust to. If this really is a problem for you, talk to your eye care physician about other things you can do.

Presbyopia can actually start occurring at age ten but usually doesn’t affect people until around forty. This is one of the fastest growing eye problems affecting us because the baby boomers are aging. As this demographic continues to age, you will see more people with reading glasses than ever before. You can’t prevent this problem and once you have it, it won’t go away. How do you know if you have this problem? You may be experiencing headaches, stinging or tearing eyes, or you feel like you don’t have enough light to see. The physician is the only one that can really tell you for certain if you have presbyopia. There are several options available if you have this problem. The first is magnification. Wearing reading glasses might be a vanity issue for you, so you might want to consider a credit card sized magnifying glass or possibly a lorgnette to wear around your neck. If you are on a hot date, and can’t read the menu, you have two choices. Have your date order for you, or pull out some type of magnifying device so you can read. Today, there is no reason why you should be afraid of wearing reading glasses. There are so many glam and trendy styles available on the market either online or in the stores. You can find the hottest reading glasses that make you look fabulous. Every color imaginable is available, and most people have a multitude of pairs in every nook and cranny of the home, office and car. If you are really dependent on reading glasses, you don’t want to be without them. For some great looks in reading glasses, check out

Some people that are already wearing contact lenses can have this feature built in their lens. They get along quite well with this alternating vision. You can look straight ahead for distance, and then down to read. These lenses might be shaped a little differently with a flat portion being closest to the lower lid, or it may be weighted. This stops the contact from rotating so your vision doesn’t get blurry. As you can imagine, the fitting of this lens is different from the regular contact lenses and will take some adaptation. Simultaneous contacts allow you to see distant and near objects at the same time. The vision distances are in rings of the contact instead of top and bottom. Monovision lenses have one lens focused for distance and the other focused on near vision. These are less expensive, but aren’t for everyone. No matter which type of contact lens you choose, there will be some type of adjustment period, so be patient with yourself. Accept the fact that you just need a little help reading the hottest new best seller. You can still look fabulous while doing it.

About the author:
Beverly Marshall is a successful freelance writer offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying reading glasses, contact lenses, LASIK, safety glasses and more. She gives information and tips to help you save money and make informed buying decisions. Her many articles can be found at

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