Recommended Books
cover Dress Your Best
Clinton Kelly
cover What Not to Wear
Trinny Woodall
cover Dressing the Man
Alan Flusser
cover SuicideGirls
Missy Suicide
cover Fresh Fruits
Shoichi Aoki
cover What Not To Wear for Every Occasion
Trinny Woodall
cover Four Inches
Elton John
cover She's Got Issues
Stephanie Lessing
cover Scarf Style
Pam Allen
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What Is Diamond Clarity?
The clarity of a diamond is perhaps one of its most valuable selling points in the eye of the consumer. A diamond, that has flash and fire, will stand out even above others that are far larger. T. . .

Men's Sunglass Trends.
Some trends come and go. Others stick around for a while. And some become a part of our cultural landscape. When considering a pair of sunglasses that are right for you, ignore the trends and ig. . .

Popeyes reading glasses- They'll make your eye's pop out.
They'll make Your Eyes Pop OutThe term popeyes reading glasses refers not to the shape of your eye, or a condition known as popeyes. Nor does it refer to that spinach-ingesting sailor who loved Oli. . .

The Metaphysical Estate Jewelry of Celebrities
Back to ancient times bewitching jewelry has been used by both men and women to adorn their body. From gemstones to crystals talismans and amulets adorned the body. And thanks to the celebrities . . .

How to buy jewelry
It's hard to find a woman who doesn't love jewelry of some sort. Jewelry helps to create an image, a personal style, and the type of jewelry a woman wears says a lot about her personal taste. Some . . .

Shopping for Plus Size Erotic Lingerie Online
Being overweight no longer excludes you from wearing sexy lingerie and thanks to the internet shopping for plus size erotic lingerie has never been easier. Often it is difficult to find larger size. . .

Rubber bracelets: the ubiquitous talismans of hope
Symbols of solidarity and empathy in the face of adversity. That is what the ubiquitous yellow rubber bracelets of Lance Armstrong's Live Strong Foundation are. But when the ace cyclist who overcam. . .

How Perfumes Make You Sexy
What attracts you to the opposite sex?What makes a guy and a girl fall in love?Is it the way they look?Things they have in common?A special connection?Or is it the way they smell to each other?Actu. . .

Special Effect Contacts - Be the Center of Attention at Costume Parties
Theatrical contact lenses are favorites for costume parties. And for a good reason - nothing can make your costume seem more real than a pare of bright inhuman eyes. However, with so many special e. . .

How to Choose the Perfect Handbag
There are so many handbags on offer, how to select the one that would complement your figure and go with most of your outfits? See fashion expert tips.What purse style would work best with your fig. . .


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