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cover Dress Your Best
Clinton Kelly
cover What Not to Wear
Trinny Woodall
cover Dressing the Man
Alan Flusser
cover SuicideGirls
Missy Suicide
cover Fresh Fruits
Shoichi Aoki
cover What Not To Wear for Every Occasion
Trinny Woodall
cover Four Inches
Elton John
cover She's Got Issues
Stephanie Lessing
cover Scarf Style
Pam Allen
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Colored Contact Lenses - How to Choose the Color That is Best for You
You want colored contact lenses but you arenít sure which color would be best for you? Here are some tips that should help you select your best color. First of all there are two major types of colo. . .

Make-up for Color Contact Lenses - Expert Secrets
Color contacts are great, whether you wear enhancement color lenses to brighten your natural color or opaques to change it completely. However, you will also need to apply some eye make-up to get t. . .

Wedding Ring Styles - What is in Fashion?
Wedding rings and bands arenít just pieces of jewelry, they are a symbol of your love and devotion to each other. Remember, you will have to wear your wedding ring every day for the rest of your li. . .

Foldable Reading Glasses
For those on the go the need for a compact pair of reading glasses can be met by the foldable reading glasses available on the market. These small reading glasses fold down to make them ideal for . . .

The Brand of Ugg!
There are few trends that last longer than one season. Ugg is one that has been around quite a while. Ugg has become a brand associated with mainly high quality, highly fashionable footwear. Bel. . .

Wedding Rings - How to Choose a Perfect Ring
Selecting a wedding ring isnít is easy as it looks. You are going to wear your ring for the rest of your life, so it should be something you wonít get tired of in a couple years. You will have to l. . .

Hair Extensions and Hair Replacements
Information about Hair ExtensionsHair extensions have grown in popularity over the last few years. With the TV shows "Extreme Makeover," "The Swan" and "American Idol" (that's how their hair grows. . .

Wedding Gown Styles
The wedding gown is most important choice for a bride during her wedding. Every bride dreams of an enchanted wedding and a beautiful gown is what can make the bride look like a princess.Choosing a. . .

Black - Always Fashionable When Done Right
Fashion is changing. But one thing is should be constant - black. Nothing is boring about the newest black fashions in New York and Paris. This is a great tip, and professionals know how to make . . .

Find your style of reading glasses to show off your sense of fashion.
Reading glasses or readers have evolved from those old black granny glasses of the past. Today's reading glasses offer style and glamour making them as fashionable as they are functional. The man. . .


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