Recommended Books
cover Dress Your Best
Clinton Kelly
cover What Not to Wear
Trinny Woodall
cover Dressing the Man
Alan Flusser
cover SuicideGirls
Missy Suicide
cover Fresh Fruits
Shoichi Aoki
cover What Not To Wear for Every Occasion
Trinny Woodall
cover Four Inches
Elton John
cover She's Got Issues
Stephanie Lessing
cover Scarf Style
Pam Allen
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Bracelets From Cleapatra To Modern Day
Bracelet popularity dates back to the Roman times and continues today. Roman bracelets shared many of the design patterns of necklaces and earrings from that era. The ever popular ball earrings f. . .

diamonds for women
Marilyn Monroe made that phrase famous. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. That still makes a lot of sense. Here's why.Reason #1 diamonds are a girls best friend because they are so beautiful. Fier. . .

How to Jazz up a Bikini
Anyone who has been on the fashion scene for even a small amount of time knows that the bikini has undergone an enormous amount of transformations in its 60-year history. The bikini began in 1947 . . .

The Ring - Step Back in History
The popularity of rings increased during the medieval period. People wore rings no matter if they were rich or poor. The most used materials in the making of rings are copper, iron, gold and silver. . .

How to Develop Your Own Personal Fashion Style
Samuel L. Jackson has a Kangol hat. Jude Law always seems to have a beautiful tailored English suit with a colored shirt. Mischa Barton from the hit TV show “The OC” has her beautiful frilled ski. . .

Imitation Diamonds – What's To Love About Faux Diamond Jewelry?
Affordable: Once someone discovers imitation diamonds, it is inconceivable why they would not want everlasting elegance, saving thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in the process, banking t. . .

Have you been looking for the latest and accurate advice pertaining to beauty.
Often when you are looking for better-quality information on beauty, you will find it hard extracting the best information from ill-advised beauty suggestions and directions so it is wise to know . . .

After the best assistance pertaining to hats.
Sometimes when you're trying to find top-quality advice concerning hats, it will be intricate unscrambling quality information from amateurish hats submissions and support so it is wise to recogniz. . .

Fashion Trends for Fall 2005
The overall theme of fashion for Fall 2005 is an air of drama. Black is back, coats are dramatic, and smart tailoring is going to be huge.Black is back in a big way – well for most of us it never . . .

History Of Costume Jewelry
There is virtually no difference between costume jewelry and antique jewelry. Costume Jewelry dates back to the 1930s. By the definition of antique that would also make it antique jewelry. Howev. . .


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