Recommended Books
cover Dress Your Best
Clinton Kelly
cover What Not to Wear
Trinny Woodall
cover Dressing the Man
Alan Flusser
cover SuicideGirls
Missy Suicide
cover Fresh Fruits
Shoichi Aoki
cover What Not To Wear for Every Occasion
Trinny Woodall
cover Four Inches
Elton John
cover She's Got Issues
Stephanie Lessing
cover Scarf Style
Pam Allen
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Wedding Dresses - What To Wear
You have begun to plan your wedding and you want your wedding to be special and unique to your and your future spouse. There are traditions and superstitions that have grown around the wedding cere. . .

Fireplace Safety
When purchasing a fireplace for your home you must consider every hazard associated, so you can take all necessary measures in preventing fires or fire related injuries. Keep in mind the precaution. . .

Discover these fashion secrets for your professional success!
Do you want to be taken seriously at work? A good way to do this is dressing well. I will try and help you by sharing these secrets that are proven winners.The aim of dressing for work is to come . . .

Rubber band bracelets: be in the loop
Those colorful loops of rubber should be quite familiar to you by now. Yes, we are talking about rubber band bracelets. They have become ubiquitous in the last couple of years. You can see them on . . .

How to get long sexy celebrity hair styles in a few hoursBy Perriann RodriguezYou see them on the cover of magazines, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Faith Hill, all with long sexy beautiful hai. . .

Will custom rubber bracelets go out of fashion?
In the last two years custom rubber bracelets have invaded our life. And despite fashion gurus pronouncing them a 'passing fad' they are still around -- and are still climbing the popularity charts. . .

Hobo Purses - Fashion is Now Comfortable!
Isn't it great, when what is currently in fashion is also comfortable and practical? Totes and hobo purses are this year's favorites. Find out how to select the best one for you.A tote is an open-t. . .

From the boardroom to reality: RFID in the fashion apparel / textile industry
Many Fashion Apparel / Textile companies - particularly those with a large network of stores - are well underway in terms of streamlining their supply chain and optimizing sales forecasts and distr. . .

Cologne Secrets
Two secrets about cologneHere are two secrets many people don't know: 1. Women are a more attracted to smell than most men realize. 2. A person's sense of smell is one of the longest lasting memori. . .

The Types of Travel Luggage
Whether you are traveling across the country, or you are only going on an overnight stay, you will most likely bring along some kind of luggage. Not only is luggage traditionally used to transport . . .


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